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Tony Munoz


email: tony@violetvelvetrecording.com
cell: 708.829.8380

Tony Munoz is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist whose story of adolescence is marked by chapters of the various bands he fronted and others to which he contributed (rarely playing the same instrument twice). For Tony, life is about making things happen and pushing his goals to obsession. Having cut his acoustic engineering teeth at Columbia College Chicago, before dedicating himself to working professionally at Crystal Shop, Brick City Sound, Big River, and now Violet Velvet Recording Company in Chicago, Tony has developed his ears to match his unrelenting work ethic. An avid listener who lives by a musical structure founded after his muse, Brian Wilson (Beach Boys), Tony is able to see past simply “creating” a song, but rather focuses on composition and arrangement as a whole, while consistently asking himself: “What can be done to set you a part from the rest?” Gathering influences from as far back as the Classical period in Western music, to the modernized electronic generation of this millennia, the wide variety of his catalog knows no bounds, and will be sure to surprise when it comes to creating your next project.