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Flat Rate Mixing By Brad McGrath

Brad has been a mixing engineer for over 12 years and has worked on all types of music, films, commercials, sound FX, etc. Utilizing the best analog and digital equipment he can give your tracks the clarity, punch, depth, and character they need to stand up against the best.

Songs with up to 8 tracks: $60/song.
Songs with up to 16 tracks: $85/song.
Songs with up to 24 tracks: $110/song.
Songs with up to 32 tracks: $150/song.
Songs with more than 32 tracks: email for a quote.

Album rates available.

Editing and Pitch Correction: $40/hr.

Mastering: $40/song. (Discounts for 5 or more songs).

Gear Highlights:
Pro Tools 10, SSL 4056 E/G+ console, NS-10's, Dynaudio BM-5's, a massive plug in collection, outboard eq's and compressors, analog tape decks, etc.

Audio Services:
Music, Voice, Podcast Recording
Audio Transfers
Location (Live) Recording
Live Sound Engineering
Audio for Film/Video
Pro Tools/Recording Lessons

Artist/Product Development

Music Composition:
Film Scores/Soundtracks
Sound Design for Film/Video
Track Production

Visual Services:
Web Development
Album and Graphic Design
Band and Album Photography