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These are the studios we primarily engineer at in the St. Louis area. If you're interested in recording in a studio that is not listed here, feel free to contact us at info@violetvelvetrecording.com. All rates on this page include studio and engineer. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your studio dates. Session times can be rescheduled with no less than 3 days notice. Cancellations within 3 days are billed at normal rate.

St. Louis

  • Location: Chesterfield
  • Rates:
  • Recording, Editing, etc: $40/Hr.
  • Mixing: $60-$150/song

  • Location: South St. Louis City
  • Rates:
  • $500 - $600 Per Day

  • Location: Page Ave. and 270
  • Rates:
  • $500 Per Day

Audio Services:
Music, Voice, Podcast Recording
Audio Transfers
Location (Live) Recording
Live Sound Engineering
Audio for Film/Video
Pro Tools/Recording Lessons

Artist/Product Development

Music Composition:
Film Scores/Soundtracks
Sound Design for Film/Video
Track Production

Visual Services:
T-Shirt Screen Printing
Web Development
Album and Graphic Design
Band and Album Photography